Field Training

Starting your Pup properly is the key. Proper ground work should be instilled before introducing it to too much game. Once a dog shows you it likes to hunt, it is time to put in the controls.

Be very cautious when introducing it to gunfire.

One of the biggest problems I am paid to fix is gun nervousness. This is usually created by the owner. The dog does not understand that the sound of a gun is part of the hunt. Gun nervousness is something that can easily be avoided. Please go to the F.A.Q page on my web site. There you will find my gun proofing program.

Retrieving is an important element in making a good gun dog. Some are natural, some are not. For certain, one of the biggest causes for a poor retrieve is not properly developing it

If it is a pup go to F.A.Q page on my web site. There you will find my starting program.

If it is an adult dog, you must teach the dog to first recall, then hold, then recall and hold. Training an older dog to go hunting is not impossible. If your dog has a desire to hunt but you must use a conservative approach.