“I attended one of Joe’s three day seminars with my young Field Bred English Cocker.  I watched as Joe worked with a variety of dogs of all ages and experience.  Joe is a gifted trainer and was able to build rapport with each dog, understand where the dog was in it’s training, and was able to quickly formulate a plan to move the dog forward. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who wants to grow as a handler and get the most out of their dog.”

Bryan Miller

“We have watched and known Joe for over 10 years and are always impressed with his handling and training skills. Recently we attended a weekend training seminar with Joe and our expectations were greatly exceeded.”

Steve and Karen Rodock

“There are two things that set Joe apart from other great dog trainers.  First, Joe trains the owner to train the dog,  By respecting and maintaining the relationship between the owner and the dog, Joe is able to train the desired behavior without losing that special connection. Second, because Joe and his wife, Cheryl, breed and own bench-bred English Springer Spaniels, they understand and appreciate the unique demands of training a bench-bred dog for the field.  I have been training with Joe, almost on a weekly basis, for the past six years.  In that time I've been able to achieve two Master Hunter titles on my bench-bred English cocker spaniels and am working with three more dogs in the Junior field.  I know that my success at the highest level of the hunt test world with these bench-bred dogs is largely attributable to Joe's insight into and appreciation for these dogs and his ability to train me, not just my dogs.”

Sharon Spellmen

"Joe has come to Wisconsin for the past 4 years as our pro-trainer for our annual spring seminar. His training techniques and guidance has helped participants to become better handlers and trainers in the field.  Whether people want to run their dogs in AKC hunt tests, AKC field trials or just use their dogs as hunting companions, Joe's knowledge of all spaniel breeds makes him the perfect choice to lead our seminars . His positive and practical approach is very beneficial and well received.   He works hard to make sure that everyone in attendance gets what they need to succeed and reach their goals with their dogs."

Vickie Dahlk
Cocker Spaniel Hunting Enthusiasts (CSHE)

“I received Rocky, a Field Bred English Cocker, as a gift from my wife. Having very little experience with dogs much less a cocker, it wasn't long before I realized I was in over my head. I was introduced to Joe through the Mid Atlantic Hunting Spaniel Club. I knew from our first phone conversation that I'd found the right guy!!! Joe's innate ability to "think like a dog", coupled with excellent people skills, makes him the ideal dog trainer as well as a training coach. In Joe I have not only found a world class dog trainer and coach, I have also made a lifelong friend.“

Joe Worsham
Limerock Cocker Preserve, East Bend, NC